Danny Williams retires from Boxing & reveals reason he carried on fighting

Danny Williams retires from Boxing & reveals reason he carried on fighting

South London fighter Danny Williams has finally called time on his Boxing career and whilst many had encouraged the above to happen sooner, the 45-year-old Mike Tyson conquerer now reveals the real reason he carried on the fight.

Williams, suffered his final career defeat to Lee McAllister after his team threw in the towel in round ten. He then told the Evening Express the true reasons for carrying on for so long:

“I have wanted to retire for a long time, but this is the end. There have been times when going into a fight, and I am in the changing room and have actually been scared.”

“Not because I thought I was going to lose, but because I thought I was going to die. But I pushed through it and done my job. My reason for continuing to box was because I wanted to see my girls in private school away from the mad people I grew up with in South London.”

“I had people bringing guns to my house, but my daughters are grown up now. They were the reason I was boxing. I got my oldest daughter through private school and my youngest daughter is 14 now and has one more year.”

“This fight will pay for that so there is no reason to fight anymore. So it is goodbye.”

Williams said: “It is a massive relief that I have retired. Honestly, for the last three years I have hated boxing. I hate it. I love watching it, but participating – I can’t take it.”

“I was terrible (against McAllister) and couldn’t get my shots out. A peak Danny Willlams would have ended it in the second round. “But,” he paused, “this is old Danny Williams.”

“If you were to come and fight me it would have been different. But he backed up and threw combinations and boxed very smart. McAllister did very well.”

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